Company strategy

V.A.Trading strategy

Ukraine is one of the rare countries that has well-developed agriculture and conditions for the further growth.

Our country has huge territory for agricultural industry in immediate proximity from Black Sea as well as developed infrastructure for shipping of grain to ports.

Each year the productivity of Ukrainian soil increases. This fact allows us to export more agricultural crops to other countries. We use strategy of concentrated growth to ensure active progress for agriculture and small farmers. We take care of our constant partners and build long-term cooperation with new suppliers.

Elevators play significant role in the process of creation of long-term cooperation with farmers and support leading positions of our company in the production sector. Elevators give us such options as: refinement, processing, loading and storage. We actively invest in the development of storage infrastructure in different regions of Ukraine.

Since we export agricultural products to the European countries (Spain, Portugal, France, etc.) as well as to Asia (China, India etc.) and Africa port terminals remain key infrastructural assets that ensure efficiency of all export logistical chain for grain, sunflower oil and oilseed meal supplies. We pay special attention to the development of port terminals and the security of cargo delivery.

Today, V.A.Trading is actively involved in agricultural trade and is going to expand its presence in the market over the next few years.

Now the business process consists in the purchase of goods from farmers at the place of cultivation with subsequent shipment to the port for export.