Since the company’s opening in 2009, we have included in the list of priority areas the creation of our own logistics system.

We understood that the quality of supplied products, and therefore our reputation on the international market, largely depend on the storage conditions, the transportation of crops from the producer to the customer.

During these years, the company has formed an extensive network of elevators throughout the country, provided access to the port terminals in Odessa, Kherson, Nikolaev, Berdyansk, Mariupol, Chernomorsk.

Our own сrops transportation and storage system allowed us to cut logistics costs and keep purchasing prices at a competitive level. This approach allows us to distinguish the following competitive advantages:

  • reducing the risks level during transportation;
  • the minimum cost of supply;
  • preserving the quality of the goods;
  • efficiency, convenience and maneuverability of supplies.