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Ukraine is in the TOP-10 of the countries producing wheat, which occupies a significant part of the country’s agribusiness. Stable export is also provided by other crops: corn, barley, which are in high demand on the international market. External trade of this crops has great importance in development of Ukrainian economy.
It is important for the purchaser of these products to find a producer of quality crops that meets the declared standards. The financial and industrial group G Global Group has strong partnership relations with the producers of the largest agricultural regions of the country.
We invest in assets and capacities in the sphere of production, processing and logistics and provide an advantageous geographical strategy for our activities. Thanks to this, we can ensure the most efficient supply of food and resources to customers all around the world.
Ukraine is one of the world’s leading producers of grain and oilseeds. Therefore, another strategic direction of agribusiness was the export of processed products. Most of the volume of their exports comes from protein meal and presscake.
The company G Global Group provides the delivery of any products of processing of cereals.