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Ammonium nitrate fertilizers at the ratio NH4: NO3 = 1: 1.

It takes the lead among nitrogen fertilizers. In general, it is used in fertilizer systems of all soil and climate zone for pre-seeding treatment or extra nutrition. It belongs to water soluble rapid-acting nitrogen fertilizer.
The fertilizer is concentrated. It almost does not consist of ballast molecular entities and break down into water quickly.
Ammonium nitrate is a good component for production of fertilizers mixture.
It is the most concentrated among hard nitrogen fertilizers. All nitrogen is amidic state. It is water soluble slow-operating nitrate-free fertilizer with almost neutral reaction.

It is used in fertilizer systems of all soil and climate zone as for basal fertilizing as for extra nutrition.

Extra nutrition with carbamide is recommended to conduct at a temperature of + 20 ° С max and min +10 … 12 ° С in the evening or (in cloudy weather) during the day, which provides an increase in the utilization of nitrogen from fertilizers. Leaf dressing is especially effective on healthy plants that are well provided with other nutrients.

Carbamide is the best nitrogen fertilizer for outside root dressing, since (if correctly applied) amide nitrogen is absorbed by 90-95% of the leaf surface of plants, and (importantly) in a very short period of time.

This is a promising type of nitrogen fertilizer (close to physiologically neutral), is a mixture (alloy) of ammonium nitrate and ground limestone or dolomite. Contains 26-28% nitrogen, 4% calcium and 2% magnesium.

Fertilizer is less prone to caking than regular ammonium nitrate, and can be stored in large stacks without special precautions. This 2 technological advantage is achieved by reducing the nitrogen concentration.

Packing: in bulk, big bags (1 tn.), Bags (50 kg)

Technical aqueous ammonia is a solution of technical ammonia in water, an alkaline reaction. Colorless or yellowish liquid with a pungent odor, contains 20-21% nitrogen. Nitrogen in the fertilizer is contained in the forms of free ammonia (NH3) and ammonium hydroxide (NH4OH). The bulk weight of the fertilizer is 0.90-0.98 t / m³.

Ammonia water is not washed out by sediments, so it can be applied in the autumn period.
This fertilizer is suitable for all types of crops. This substance can be used on soils with different ph-balance content.
Ammonia water positively influences the quality of the crop It is the most suitable for fertilizing beets, potatoes, and also some perennial grasses.
This fertilizer can be combined with other substances.

Liquid nitrogen fertilizer is an aqueous solution of ammonium nitrate and carbamide in the ratio 1: 1, in which free ammonia is not contained. This is the only fertilizer containing simultaneously three forms of nitrogen: ammonia (25%), nitrate (25%) and amide (50%).

CAM is a universal, high-tech fertilizer. It can be used at all seasons and therefore has advantages over other nitrogen fertilizers:
• almost no loss of nitrogen (with proper application);
• it is used both in general application and for extra feed of crops in all phases of vegetation;
• the most effective nitrogen fertilizer in relation to global warming and frequent droughts;
• the most universal fertilizer for fertilizing, especially in belated periods, it is possible (in drought) to increase not only the quality, but also the value of the crop;
• suspends the negative impact of viruses.

CAM can be used:
1) in autumn – for basic treatment;
2) for feeding winter crops – radical and after renewal of vegetation;
3) in spring – under the preplanting cultivation;
4) during the growing season of crops for root and foliar top dressing;
5) after harvesting to improve the mineralization of plant residues.